Face to face personal training
3 months

Abby got in contact with the team as she was looking to lose a bit of weight ahead of her wedding. Not only has she lost the weight, but she’s gained bags of confidence both in and out of the gym. Abby has now transitioned over to our online coaching package and is doing her thing in the gym, like an absolute BOSS.

Online Coaching
4 months

Nikki is pretty experienced when it comes to the gym, after years of teaching various classes at her local gym. She trained on a regular basis but wasn’t really pushing herself too hard and had got bored of having to think about what to do each day. Fast forward 4 months and not only is Nikki fitter and stronger, but she has also learnt how to workout in a SMART way and not burn out.

Online Coaching
11 months

Amy decided she wanted to lose some weight, not only to feel healthier but also to get stronger for her climbing. Most of what Amy has achieved has been through a bodyweight only programme as she didn’t have access to any equipment during lockdown, which is just crazy. She has recently got back into climbing and with those guns is having no problems navigating the rocks!

Face to face personal training
6 months

Sean is the definition of ‘making the most of a bad situation’, he took lockdown and ran with it. He achieved such amazing results by training once a week with Coach Marv, following an exercise programme in-between sessions and ensuring he followed a calorie controlled approach with his nutrition. He most definitely isn’t finished yet and is still working super hard towards his goal!